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Do you want to shape a sustainable future?

We are Hydro, a global family of 34,000 people, present in a broad range of market segments for aluminium, energy, metal recycling, batteries and renewables, offering a unique wealth of knowledge and competence.

We have a proud history and are committed to leading the way in shaping a sustainable future by developing natural resources into innovative products and solutions. In doing so, we truly believe that our People matter the most to make the difference.

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General Labor Extrusion 2nd Shift

Hydro  Extrusions is a world-leading aluminium extrusion business counting around 100 production sites in 40 countries and employing 20,000 people. Through our unique combination of local expertise, global network, and unmatched R&D capabilities, we can offer everything from standards profiles, to advanced development and manufacturing for most industries.  Since 1905, Hydro has turned natural resources into valuable products for people and businesses with focus on a safe and good workplace for our 34,000 employees in more than 140 locations.

Hydro is committed to leading the way in shaping a sustainable future and in doing so, creating more viable societies by developing natural resources into products and solutions in innovative and efficient ways to industries that matter.

Current Openings For- Press & Saw Operators, Forklift Drivers, Head &Tail Stretchers


The New Employee Sign On Bonus Program will pay a $500 Bonus to any employee who is hired in a full time position and meets the following criteria.  Fifty percent of this bonus will be paid to the employee after they have completed 60 days of service with our Company, the remaining fifty percent will be paid after the employee completes 6 months of service.





Extrusion team members responsibilities are being performed safely in accordance to policy, up to and including (but not limited to) ensuring employees are wearing proper PPE according to the JSA for the position/task being performed. (Example: hard hat, gloves, long-sleeved company issued shirts, face shield, safety glasses, hearing protection, footwear etc.) Extrusion team members will have sufficient knowledge of mobile equipment operations, processes, systems, and its’ criticality to safety. Team members will have a keen sense of mobile equipment surroundings and environment to assure safety programs are adhered to and damage to the plant or forklifts do not occur. Strong understanding of extrusion process flow and location of all raw materials needed to maintain press continuity. Knowledge related to press performance metrics; PPH, recovery, uptime, and what drives each element. Understands the plant’s systems/materials such as SCS, cast tracking, aging practices, alloys, log diameters, and procedural processes. Supports leadership by checking the quality of extruded product visually prior to age and with a sense of ownership and accountability to the customer. Supports frontline leadership in motivating a team of employees towards a culture of good housekeeping and organization. Achieves high performance through cultivating a team atmosphere, and continually improve press performance through efficient time management, high standards for quality, and self-accountability, safely.



  • Abides by Hydro’s company rules, policies, and procedures. 
  • Understands that performing job tasks in a safe manner is the highest priority. 
  • Reports any unsafe condition or act immediately to Supervision or HSE Manager. 
  • Fills out ‘Near Mis’ paperwork on any unsafe condition or act. 
  • Participates in daily pre-shift safety talk. 
  • Understands Hydro’s safety initiates and acts as facilitator on the floor to promote those initiatives. 
  • May be asked to participate in accident/incident reviews and develop corrective actions. 
  • Responsible for housekeeping and 5S in his or her respective area of work or areas as directed by the departmental supervisor. 
  • Employee will stretch at the start of his or her shift.  

Employee will wear proper PPE. 




Saw Operator

  • Inspect saw for any mechanical, electrical, or hydraulic problems immediately to extrusion lead person.  
  • Check the cut length at the beginning of the shift and at each work stoppage. 
  • Ensure proper saw blade coolant. Not excessive.  Change 20” Saw Blade when necessary. 
  • Saw chip collector is empty at the end of each shift. Contact fork-lift driver when chips are full.  
  • Protect metal from scratches, dents, and any damage that can occur in transition.  
  • Metal has enough spacer bars to prevent denting. 
  • Review press folder for special instructions. 
  • Assist in the movement of the metal to saw storage table.  
  • Sets up dollies, racks, and spacer bar placements. 
  • Verify cut tolerance for specific job.  
  • Instructs saw help how to set saw stop.  
  • Completely fills out saw report.  
  • Blows out saw chip from each rack or dolly.  
  • Advise fork-lift driver of any special or different age practices. 
  • Check die availability to ensure schedule adherence.  
  • Ensure operation equipment for defects, and proper working condition. 
  • Assuring Press scheduled work is ready and prepared for die changes. Planned or unplanned.  
  • Instruct production personnel of any special instructions as written in the product data, recipes, or any supervisory notifications. 

Saw Helper

  • Works under the direction of the head stretcher and or saw operator.  
  • Assist in the movement of the metal to saw storage table.  
  • Helps saw crew a necessary. 
  • Sets up dollies, racks, and spacer bar placements. 
  • Keeps work are clean and free of debris. 

Forklift Drivers

  • Ability to keep up with the supply of log as the presses mandate. 
  • Keeps up with the press crew to supply racks, dollies, spacers, and scrap tubs. 
  • Ability to help saw crew when necessary. 
  • Must clean log table and age oven area daily. 
  • Must dump all butt tubs and saw chip dumpsters daily.  
  • Ability to operate and charge age ovens with proper age cycles.  
  • Enter their production into Oracle.  

Head & Tail Stretcher

  • Make sure area is free of debris before prepping for stretch. 
  • Reports any defects during the operation. 
  • Instructs the tail stretcher of actions being performed.  
  • Know how many pieces to stretch at a time.  
  • How many pieces fit on the saw table.  
  • Helps at the saw crew when necessary to stack metal. 

Press Operator

  • Ensures equipment is operating correctly and communicates effectively if maintenance or engineering resources are needed to fix/improve operations.
  • Assures die changes are conducted efficiently and uptime is optimized through preparedness and effective communication with other press crew TM’s.
  • Instructs and guides other TM’s with procedural information, quality alerts, or other critical information that may be rooted from the system, recipe, or other forms of communication – in support of frontline leadership.
  • Adheres to systems and processes such as run to recipe.
  • Knowledge of department targets and goals.
  • Press performance metrics intelligence; PPH, recovery, uptime etc. and understanding of how each are driven.
  • Safely optimizes press uptime, scrap rates, productivity, and performance through adherence to policy, procedures, and systems such as run to recipe.
  • Knows how to figure press formulas; runout, billet length, total cuts, end-scrap etc.
  • Self-accountable and owns quality of the extruded product; critical dimensions, finish, and quality in relation to customer print, tolerance, and internal expectations – in support of frontline leadership.
  • Review product finish in accordance with the standard and can determine acceptability or unacceptability.
  • Ability to check critical dimensions such as gaps, angles, flatness etc. in the process to support frontline leadership.
  • Knowledge of hold items on press/shift, helps disposition as needed and supports lead in identifying root cause for completion of non-conformance process.
  • Develops/trains press trainee on press equipment, operations, process, and systems to the extent that the trainee can self-operate.
  • Understanding of Oracle and SCS operating systems.
  • Understands department flow; including lot tickets, press schedules, tooling, log inventory levels, material handing at the saw, and through the age oven.
  • Reviews press schedule and adheres to customer demand/needs.
  • Ensures proper operation of equipment for defects or issues and communicates issues effectively to the proper resources and frontline leadership.



  • Must be able to lift to 50# and be able to keep up with the people that they are paired up with 
  • Standing: Must be able to stand for extended periods of time (can accommodate) 
  • Walking: Required to perform job duties 
  • Sitting: Limited (can accommodate) 
  • Crawling: None 
  • Climbing: Limited 
  • Bending: Necessary to perform job duties (can accommodate) 
  • Reaching: Necessary to perform job duties 
  • Grasping: Necessary to perform job duties 
  • Hearing: Necessary to perform job duties (may accommodate) 
  • Seeing: Necessary to perform job duties (may accommodate) 
  • Speaking: Necessary to perform job duties 
  • Lifting: Lifting of objects up to 50 pounds.   

Overhead lifting at times, 80 lbs of material with a partner. 

  • Pushes/Moves racks on wheels with a helper up to 4,000 lbs 
  • Moving spacer bar racks (could weight about 200 lbs on wheels.) 



  •  Willing to train, and provide educational classes, where needed.



  • Able to work in extreme heat or cold conditions. 
  • Ability to function successfully in a fast-paced, changing work environment. 
  • Must be able to handle both large pieces and small pieces of aluminium extrusions. 
  • Employee must be able to have good vision or corrective lens to see visual defects. 


At Hydro you’re part of a bigger story. A story shaped by you.

Please apply before: 04/30/2021 

Hydro in North America is an Equal Opportunity Employer where all phases of employment are based strictly upon the qualifications of the individual as related to the work requirements of the position. This policy is applied without regard to race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, veteran status, marital status or any other category protected by law.

If you need an accommodation in order to complete the application, please let us know by completing this form or by calling +1 (412) 643-3602.

Posted on:  Apr 7, 2021

City of Industry, CA, US, 91748

Department:  Shift 2
Business Area:  Extruded Solutions(EXSO)
Legal Entity:  Hydro Extrusion USA LLC
Job Type:  Permanent

Nearest Major Market: Los Angeles

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