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Do you want to shape our story with your personality, expertise and ambitions? At Hydro we are a global family of 35 000 people that extract, produce, shape and reuse the world’s most flexible and sustainable metal into infinite innovations and applications. Click here if you would like to read more about Hydro and our operations.

Casting Entry Level Day/Night Shifts

Extruded Solutions is Hydro’s largest and most global business area. Our Business Area supplies aluminum profiles and profile-based solutions in various applications ranging from windows and furniture to cars and cruise ships. Within Extruded Solutions, we have business area staff functions based in Oslo, but we also have four core business units; Extrusion Europe, Extrusion North America, Building Systems and Precision Tubing.









Opening in multiply positions, Furnace Operator, Pit Trainee, & Saw Operator.

All Entry Level, with Day & Night Shifts Available





Prepare furnace loads, flux furnaces, skim and process dross.  Operate lathe and spectrometer and calculate alloy additions to prepare furnace for Pit crew. Monitor all casting parameters and equipment while casting, (water temp & pressure, metal level in casting pan, metal temp, cast speed, length of cast, etc.) Responsible for quality of saw cuts – Saw burrs, angularity, and bent ends. 



  • Abides by Hydro’s company rules, policies, and procedures. 
  • Understands that performing job tasks in a safe manner is the highest priority. 
  • Reports any unsafe condition or act immediately to Supervision or HSE Manager. 
  • Fills out ‘Near Miss’s paperwork on any unsafe condition or act. 
  • Participates in daily pre-shift safety talk. 
  • Understands Hydro’s safety initiates and acts as facilitator on the floor to promote those initiatives. 
  • May be asked to participate in accident/incident reviews and develop corrective actions. 
  • Responsible for housekeeping and 5S in his or her respective area of work or areas as directed by the departmental supervisor. 
  • Employee will stretch at the start of his or her shift.  
  • Employee will wear proper PPE. 
  • May be asked to participate in completion an IMS entry for any safety issue or injury. 



  • Operate mobile equipment (forklift, skid loader, sweeper, overhead crane)  
  • Accurately weigh up furnace charges and distinguish different scrap by alloy 
  • Operate chargers to charge scrap metal into furnaces 
  • Removing of foreign material (steel wire, bands, cardboard, wood, etc;) while 
  • Filling chargers  
  • Fluxing of furnaces (mixing metal in furnace with argon gas) 
  • Skimming and processing of dross 
  • Taking of samples 
  • Operating lathe for preparing samples 
  • Operation of spectrometer  
  • Calculation of alloy additions  
  • Alloying furnaces (weighing and mixing of alloys into furnaces) 
  • Making sure metal in furnaces is at proper temperature for pit crew 
  • Unloading of scrap trailers, railroad cars, and inspection of scrap while unloading 
  • Help on log saw when needed 
  • Any other tasks or duties assigned by shift supervisor or leadman 



  • Learn all the functions and duties of a pit operator listed below and required to take on roll of casting operator regardless of shift (day or night) when it becomes available if Department Manager feels person is qualified. 
  • Prepare casting tables for production process 
  • Operate and maintain casting equipment   
  • Prepare moulds on casting tables, (wipe out & clean, reapply graphkote seals) 
  • Change out moulds that are not performing adequately 
  • Monitor oil system to moulds 
  • Make repairs to casting equipment  
  • Monitor supply storage items for casting  
  • Clean casting troughs and clean and replace filters for casting metal 
  • Plug and unplug furnaces and adjust metal flow while casting 
  • Take proper metal samples while casting 
  • Clean and repair casting tables 



  • Inspect saw for any mechanical, electrical, or hydraulic problems immediately to extrusion lead person.  
  • Check the cut length at the beginning of the shift and at each work stoppage. 
  • Ensure proper saw blade coolant. Not excessive.  Change 20” Saw Blade when necessary. 
  • Saw chip collector is empty at the end of each shift. Contact fork-lift driver when chips are full.  
  • Protect metal from scratches, dents, and any damage that can occur in transition.  
  • Metal has enough spacer bars to prevent denting. 
  • Review press folder for special instructions. 
  • Assist in the movement of the metal to saw storage table.  
  • Sets up dollies, racks, and spacer bar placements. 
  • Verify cut tolerance for specific job.  
  • Instructs saw help how to set saw stop.  
  • Completely fills out saw report.  
  • Blows out saw chip from each rack or dolly.  
  • Advise fork-lift driver of any special or different age practices



  • Operate mobile equipment (forklift, skid loader, sweeper, overhead crane) 
  • Add and subtract for weighing up of scrap and alloys for furnace calculations 
  • Identify different scrap alloys 
  • Remove (steel wires, banding, cardboard boxes, etc;) while charging furnaces 
  • Operate chargers without damaging furnace refractory 
  • Fill out proper paperwork for recoding of charges 
  • Communicate well with shift supervisor, leadman, and other employees 
  • Fill out proper inspection reports 
  • Follow proper procedure for charging furnaces to avoid molten metal  
  • Explosions 
  • Prepare samples on lathe for spectrometer  
  • Burn samples on spectrometer and calculate additions for different alloys 



  • Able to work in extreme heat or cold conditions. 
  • Ability to function successfully in a fast-paced, changing work environment. 
  • Able to learn and work with the extreme hazards of the handling of molten metal 
  • May be instances of high CO2 in area  
  • Employee must be able to have good vision or corrective lens to see visual defects. 



  • Standing: Must be able to stand for extended periods of time (can accommodate) 
  • Walking: Required to perform job duties 
  • Sitting: Limited (can accommodate) 
  • Crawling: None 
  • Climbing: Limited 
  • Bending: Necessary to perform job duties (can accommodate) 
  • Reaching: Necessary to perform job duties 
  • Grasping: Necessary to perform job duties 
  • Hearing: Necessary to perform job duties (may accommodate) 
  • Seeing: Necessary to perform job duties (may accommodate) 
  • Speaking: Necessary to perform job duties 
  • Lifting: Lifting of objects up to 50 pounds

At Hydro you’re part of a bigger story. A story shaped by you.

Please apply before: 10/01/2020 

Hydro in North America is an Equal Opportunity Employer where all phases of employment are based strictly upon the qualifications of the individual as related to the work requirements of the position. This policy is applied without regard to race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, veteran status, marital status or any other category protected by law.

If you need an accommodation in order to complete the application, please let us know by completing this form.



Posted on: 

Yankton, SD, US, 57078

Department:  B Days
Business Area:  Extruded Solutions(EXSO)
Legal Entity:  Hydro Extrusion USA LLC
Job Type:  Permanent

Nearest Major Market: Sioux Falls

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